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Toolkits: Chronic Disease



Public Health Agency of Canada
Canadian Diabetes Association
Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
Diabetes in Canada: Facts and figures from a public health perspective (2011) (Health Canada)
National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)
Diabetes Integration Project: Manitoba First Nation Diabetes Committee
Diabetes. Knowledge & Information Repository: Structured Education and Diabetes (2011) (NHS)
Canadian Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guidelines (2013)
Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia

Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart & Stroke Foundation (Canada)
Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation
Harmonization of guidelines for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease: the C-CHANGE initiative (CMAJ, 2011)
Expert Panel on Detection, Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Cholesterol in Adults(National Heart Lung and Blood Institute)
Heart & Stroke Foundation (Canada)
Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care
Canadian Stroke Network
Evidence-Based Review of Stroke Rehabilitation
SCORE: Stroke Canada Optimization of Rehabilitation through Evidence (2007)
Manitoba Stroke Strategy
Cardiovascular Disease - Public Health Agency of Canada
Stroke - Public Health Agency of Canada

Lung Disease

Manitoba Lung Association


The Kidney Foundation of Canada


Hypertension Policy (Hypertension Canada)


Though obesity itself is not a chronic disease, the implications of obesity on chronic disease is substantial and these resources may be helpful in relation to specific chronic diseases.

Canadian Obesity Network
Best Weight: A Practical Guide to Office-Based Obesity Management
5As of Obesity Management
Craving Change: A how-to guide for helping people who struggle with their eating
Healthy Weight Network
Adult Obesity in Manitoba: Prevalence, Associations, & Outcomes (2011) - Manitoba Centre for Health Policy
Edmonton Obesity Staging System
Canadian Practice Guidelines (Canadian Obesity Network)


Impact of Osteoporosis in Canada - Public Health Agency of Canada
Osteoporosis Canada



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Preventing Chronic Disease
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