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Toolkits: Community Health Assessments

Manitoba Community Health Assessments

A community health assessment (CHA) is a dynamic, ongoing process undertaken to identify the strengths and needs of the population and to enable the community-wide establishment of health priorities. The purpose of a community health assessment is to collect, analyze and present information so that the health of the population can be understood and improved, and to provide evidence to inform health service planning. It provides baseline information about the health status of community residents, tracks health outcomes over time, and helps to identify opportunities for disease prevention, health promotion and health protection.

The goals of community health assessment are to:

  • understand the health of Manitoba’s residents;
  • be responsive to local issues;
  • plan health services informed by evidence;
  • track changes over time.
  • Regional health authorities (RHAs) and CancerCare Manitoba are legislated to conduct a community health assessment (CHA) on an ongoing basis.

The following community health assessments have been completed and are available online: